Demo policy

Our label do accept your demo.
But before you send us your demo, please read this statement carefully.

We, Dark-ism Industry label’s missions are…
1. Turning dark-side of this universe into deep dark art.
2. Expressing the dark-sided art with pride and philosophy, without any scruple and without conforming to repression.
3. Uniting with dark-sided artists.

Therefore only things we want is true dark-sided art, not fake ones.

We do not limit the musical genres for the moment, but we will release the musics like, Dark Ambient, Darkwave, Goth, Aggrotech, Dark Electro, etc…

If you can really say “Yes, our art is dark-sided” from your heart, and you are proud of it, we would like to ask you to send demo.

And not only the music, we will welcome graphic art, movie, or any style of artists.

Rule of demo submission

  1. Send with your artist name and your short bio.
  2. Send the link of your demo we can check.
    (For example Youtube, soundcloud, on your site, or anything we can check directly.)
    Do NOT send your demo directly, it will automatically removed from our server.
  3. We will check every demos we received, but that doesn’t mean we can check very soon. Do not ask us if we already check your demo or not.
  4. We only send reply when we liked your work and impressed your darkness.
    We don’t mean we will send reply every demos.
    If you will not receive from us after you send the demo, do not ask us why.
  5. If you don’t like our policy and think we are so arrogance, do not send anything.
    Do not waste your time.

We appreciate your understanding.

(2017/Sep/29 statement written by Dee Lee)